Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Primeval Interview with Adrian Hodges 7th April 2009 about Series 4

Interviewer:I hear ITV have confirmed series 4 and series 5?
Adrian:yes they have, if the average of S1,S2&S3 is below the average viewers for S4&S5 ITV have a promised us a 6th series,even if it is level or just under they will give us 6th series so i'm very pleased,they gave us this news several mounths ago but we kept it secret,only the actors new so people who seen andrew in marks and spencers did hear right,we wanted to keep it secret for longer as we will be getting loads of mail saying what can you tell us about the new series and it would be ruined,i would leak spilers so no,i bet i get loads of questions now but know i'm not revealing too much most of the info you will get about the new series will be in this interview.
Interviewer:What New Monsters are in the Series?
Adrian:A group of future monsters similar to a spieces on earth probably what they evolved into but 100 times as fierce,100 times as strong,100 times as fast and 100 times bigger,i might have exaggerated a bit but you sort of now what i mean.
Interviewer:Any Production Notes?
Adrian:There will be five action packed episodes,this is because they are further than we have went before,we wouldn't have the money for more thats how action packed they are.There will be a 4 part conclusion which proves to be terrifying with everyone in danger as a massive invasion of the future begins...
Also,episode 1 is a bit of an invasion of the past which features a t-rex which we have planned to put in the series since the start as well as fictional past creatures which closely resemble unfictional past creatures.
Interviewer:Any new Cast or Characters?
Adrian:Lester's new college Mr Monogue,who holds a massive secret,Captian Becker's secret rival army,Professor Garry Lake a new very intelligent scientist and Connor's Farther Robert Temple,who orders Connor to quit the ARC work when he tells him the truth about what happens at the ARC as Robert feels that the work is too dangerous.
Interviewer:When is the first trailer for series 4 and when does filming start?
Adrian:The scripts have been written for S4,filming will take place between Late May and Early August,the first trailer will be seen between Late August and Early September,the series will air between January and Febuary 2010.
Interviewer:Any more you can tell us about the series?
Adrian:Their will be more plots which will not conclude this series,they will smash into an absolutely thrilling finale for S5.This series will be faster,with a lot more monsters.Next series will have more monsters than S1,S2&S3 but less than S4,focusing more on the plots started in S4 as i said crashing into a massive conclusion at the end of S5.Also since of their only being 5 episodes this series their will be 13 episodes in S5,a normal Sci-Fi length.
Interviewer:Its been good talking too you
Adrian:Thanks i really am looking forward to the next interview.
Primeval Interview with Adrian Hodges 7th April 2009 about Series 4.